Species Sinensis have the advantage of the fastest growth among the agarwood tree, it is one of the reasons the preferred choice of agarwood operators. See species growth comparison.

  • Delivery in 7 ~ 10 days, for “seedling hardening”
    Healthy plants in polybag 3″ diameter.
    Price depends on quantity purchased.

Spesies Sinensis mempunyai kelebihan tumbesaran paling cepat di antara pokok gaharu, salah satu sebab ianya menjadi pilihan utama pengusaha gaharu.

  • Penghantaran dalam 7~10 hari.
    Pokok sihat dalam polybag 3″ garispusat.
    Harga bergantung kepada kuantiti yang dibeli.

Species Sinensis from China

Call in for enquiry … 012-3231161

Species Sub-integra and Crassna are available.

Gaharu Crassna for landscape also available, some particulars are as follow…


Suitable for landscape, Crassna.

  • 14~18 feets tall,
  • breast height diameter 2+-“,
  • big polybag about 16″,
  • Weight per bag ~50Kg,
  • no guarantee on root coiling.

Interested, pls call in directly, e-mail will not be entertained.




37 Responses to Seedlings

  1. amir says:

    hi,i’m amir from kelantan. can u quote me the price of 100-200 seedlings?

  2. tshinkou says:

    Amir, pls check your mail.

  3. pschong says:

    Please quote me tree price for 100 trees ~ thanks

  4. Noah says:

    Pls quote me the price of 5 Gaharu for landscape (big polybag about 16″ ).

  5. Aruna says:

    hii..I’m from srilanka. Can you send me the price for 100pc,200pc,500pc seeds prices separately…,Thanks

  6. suhail says:

    Hi …nice website and information …can u quote me the price of 2500 seedlings? pleas

  7. tan says:

    can u quote me the price of 200 seedlings ?

  8. Donald C. Marcelino says:

    hello im from Philippines. Can you deliver, by courier, seeds of Crassna and sinensis species> how much is your quote for 200 each and for 500 each? are they guaranteed viable?

  9. Zahabiya says:


    please quote me for shipping to USA, 5 seedlings?


  10. I am from Bangladesh. Very recently Gardening become my hobby. So far i understand this is time to start. I need fresh seeds to get maximum percentage of seedling.

    Can you give me 200 seeds of both or any of these 2 species
    1) Aquilaria malaccensis
    2) Aquilaria Crassna

    You can send by post office registered air letter. I can pay you by paypal.
    My email is

    with regards

  11. Mr Chai says:

    Hi There,

    Kindly quote me 1,300 pcs of seedling. Thanks.

  12. Faisal Rashid says:


    First I would like to congratulate you on putting such valuable information for aspiring and seasoned growers alike. I am interested in buying 200 seedlings / saplings. Could you please quote the price and shipping to Pakistan for below:

    1.) 100 Aquilaria sinensis
    2.) 50 Aquilaria crassna
    3.) 50 Aquilaria malaccensis

    Please do let me know if you have seedlings for Aquilaria khasiana.


    Faisal Rashid

    • tshinkou says:

      Thanks for the request … however unable to do so.

      • Faisal Rashid says:

        Dear Mr. Tshinkou, Thank you for your reply, could you please recommend any other verified seedling supplier. Secondly, would it be possible to procure seedlings in person if someone visit your Farm in Malaysia. Awaiting your response.



  13. Priyantha says:

    hii..I’m from srilanka. Can you send me the price for 100pc,200pc,500pc seeds prices separately…,Thanks

  14. piyus says:

    hii..I’m from india. Can you send me the price for 100pc,200pc, seeds prices

  15. piyus says:

    Can you give me 200/300 seeds/seedling of both or any of these species
    1) Aquilaria subintegra
    2) Aquilaria Crassna
    3) Aquilaria brachyantha or filaria or hilata

    You can send by post office registered air letter. I can pay you by paypal.
    My email is piyushbabu@gmail

    with regards

  16. piyus says:

    Thank you very much for your replay on im can u pls some baby plant?
    Awaiting your response.

  17. emrysknight says:

    Hi! Can you quote me on semi-mature Crassna tree? 250 and 500. Also, if i buy over 500 do I have a discount? Thanks

  18. SIMON MATHEW says:

    We want to purchase about 1300 Aqualaria malaccensis seedlings, how to we go about it

  19. Adam Kok says:


    We are interested to purchase 8000 units of Aquilaria Microcarpa gaharu seedlings, do you have that species and what will be the unit price? Could you please email me? or we can chat more at 0164215290.

    Many thanks.

  20. pl. send me the price of 100 nos ofbelow 120cm hts of seedling of agarwood, can you supply me the seeds of agarwood ? what is the price of 250/500 grams of seeds?pl.. reply me as early as possible, my farm is ready to grown up such a things… my mail is………thanks awating your prompt action……shashin shah

  21. Kaushal Pathiraja says:

    I am looking to purchase 1000 Nos. Aquilaria Crassna seedlings to cultivate my own land in Sri Lanka.
    We require 30 to 40 cm seedlings with CITES certificate.
    Could you please advice me the CIF Colombo price.
    Look forward to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards

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