Cultivated 人工培育

There are inoculation kits that get us black resin in only 18~24 months and distillation units that suck the oil from these trees in only few hours. All the oils today have the sap smell you get from cutting down a growing tree. They get quick resin and quick oil, but it’s not the same. The quality of oud produced this way, you’ll never get the oud you talk about again.

Please realize that this oil is from cultivated trees, and is not considered a high quality agarwood oil. It is however, a sustainable oil at a very affordable price.

Cultivated oil

Sustainable cultivated oil

Price : 150 USD per Tola (12ml)

Source of wood  :  Thailand

Distillation        :        Hydro

WhatsApp :  00 – 6 – 012-323 1161  (Tee)




One Response to Cultivated 人工培育

  1. Andy says:

    Hi bro I am staying in Singapore. Interested in getting some cultivated agar wood oil as well as some of your end product to try. Can we chat a bit more at my email?


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