Nutrient / Infusion bag

Liquid nutrient / infusion bag is reusable and mainly used in direct nutrient or chemical application into tree stem.

Trunk injection of trees is a way to efficiently treat many different insect and disease problems, as well as nutrient deficiencies, in a manner that limits environmental exposure. This method also uses the least amount of pesticide as compared to other conventional treatment methods. Tapping into the trees natural circulatory process allows chemicals to dissipate rapidly and effectively, minimising wastage yet maximising efficiency by distributing to vitally important elements of the tree’s infrastructure. The chemical reaches every element of the tree including the fine root hairs.

Applying chemicals to the plant tissue by spraying is inefficient especially in the fight against root pathogens, and a tiny fraction of conventionally used chemical is injected directly into the tree, without any release of chemicals in the environment.

Nutrient bag

No pressure system, nutrient treatment.

Infusion bag

Inoculant treatment to gaharu tree

Application example …..
1. Inoculation in Agarwood tree
2. Disease control in Durian tree … tree injection with fungicide
3. Disease control in Banana tree … tree injection with neutralized phosphorous acid
4. Disease control in Mango tree … tree injection with phosphite solution
5. Pests control in high rise tree …. tree injection with pesticide

Nutrient / Infusion bag

Nutrient / Infusion bag

Specification ..

Max Capacity    :  1500ml
Nominal Capacity    :  1000ml
Number of outlet   :  2
Diameter of nozzle    :  5.5mm
Size of drillbit   :  5.0mm

Minimum order quantity  :  10 units
Unit price : MYR 5.8
Order above 50 units : 20% discount

Stock NOT available …



2 Responses to Nutrient / Infusion bag

  1. Benno Arsanto says:

    Hello.. Is it possible to send 50 bag to Indonesia?

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