When Agar-Wit (Internal wounding ) is used, Agarwood formation is mainly inside the trunk. A problem still exists, large parts of healthy woods are not efficiently used. Lots of white woods are being removed as a waste. The yield of agarwood can further be elevated by applying “Surface Inducement Technique”. This technique avoids severe damage to trees, and also allows for easy agarwood collection. Meanwhile, a considerably high yield and good quality of agarwood are available, along with the feasibility of repeated agarwood formation from the same tree.

Many of us overlook on this technique, this being the most economical way in producing agarwood oil in Thailand, substantially lower in production cost.

Origin  :  Thailand

Transfusing method : Dispersing

Type of inoculant   :  Plant extract

Target of inoculation  :  Oil / wood chips

Apperance  :  Dark brown

Species of tree   :   All

Inoculation period  :   8 months onwards

trunk surface inoculant

  • A: A bark is uncovered
  • B: the vertical lines of grids (2 cm spacing) are made
  • C: more than one piece of bark are uncovered in a single tree
  • D: the horizontal lines of grids (2cm×2cm) are made with a knife.

Trunk stree

Brush the inoculant to the area to be treated. Alternatively, the bark can be removed by chopping away the bark together with tree tissue for better efficiency.


Thai dispersing 2Thai dispersing 3


Agar sit 10

Agar sit

Younger trees will produce lower quality of oil… dont rush to produce scrap, than U put the BLAME to Agarwood

Agar sit 13

sit 2sit 1

Agar sit 14



agar sit

agar sit

sit 4

sit 6


sit 5Agar sit 11

Inoculant   :  Agar-SIT-105

Unit price   :  RM?? / Liter

Unit price   :  RM?? / 100 Liter

Min qty : ?? Liters

Product availibility  :  TBA

Free shipment within W. Malaysia by KTMD; collection @ nearest station

WhatsApp  : Tee … 00 – 6 – 012 – 323 1161




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