Planting method

In plantation forestry, it is essential to carefully assess the ecological conditions at the planting and to assess whether a potential species will survive and grow. Aquilaria spp. is not demanding regarding soil and climatic conditions, occurring naturally in all ecological zones and on a variety of soils (avoid clay soil). However, many planting have died back after 3 ~4 years of establishment, seemingly due to stagnant water. Planting on sloping lands is therefore recommended.

To reduce the mortality rate, seedlings are ready to transplanting into ground when achieving 60~90cm height. Older seedlings might not be good due to root coiling in the confined polybag if polybag is not big enough. Don’t buy seedlings …

  • with small polybag
  • older seedling 120cm and above

There are various ways to plant Gaharu seedlings, i have recommended below-guided method if time and labor are not your concern. Happy planting…

1. Planting hole preparation 40cm x 40cm x40cm. Leave for 2 ~ 3 weeks, with rain and sunshine repeatedly, the soil is oxygenated, very helpful for root growth.
2. Add 150~175ml CIRP. If the soil is hard, add 10~15% coco peat to loosen the soil mixture. Coco peat can absorb large volumes of water. Generally Coco peat can absorb water about half of its volume and 5 to 6 times its weight. Coco peat has great oxygenation properties. Other source of phosphorus can be obtained from TSP and DAP, but to be used with caution due to its causticity, having solution pH 1~3 and 7.5~8 respectively. Over dosage may damage the seedling. Advantage of TSP and DAP are both highly soluble and thus dissolves quickly in soil to release plant-available phosphate.
3. Add 15% cow dung (牛粪) as organic fertilizer, and 20grams of Funadan to minimise insect attack.
4. Mixing the mixture to small particle possible.
5. Refill the planting hole to appropriate level. Cover the seedling not more than 2” above planting surface. Deep planting will rot the stem in long run.

6.Remove polybag and place seedling into the planting hole.

7. Cover the seedling and chamfer the cimcumference to improve water catchment.

8. Chamfer the circumference of planting hole to improve water catchment.

9. Done. This method very tedious, time consuming, i would say the surviving rate is 99%.



96 Responses to Planting method

  1. Sree says:

    Mr. Tee, some CIRP is in powder form, so how many grams per hole will be necessary for a 3′ plant based on your experience? Many thanx in advance…….

  2. Kavi says:

    Thanks for all these information, very informative website. I would like to know whether there’s a possibility of planting these trees in a dry zone where the temperature is 33°C and Humidity is 70%. If so, I would like to know the proper steps should be taken for the survival of trees. Very much looking forward to hear from you.

  3. Kavi says:

    Thanks for all these information, very informative website. I would like to know whether there’s a possibility of planting these trees in a dry zone where the temperature is 33°C and Humidity is 70%. If so, I would like to know the proper steps should be taken for the survival of trees. Very much looking forward to hear from you.

  4. Yuva says:

    Good tutor but i dont know where to get seedling

  5. Sikkander minna noordin says:

    Hi sir, I am interested to growing agarwood plantations so pls guide ,how to do, tq

  6. Muniandy Narasiman says:

    Can Gaharu be planted in between one year old oil palm trees on hill slopes (15-20 degrees)

  7. We live in the high desert (5000 feet) on the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the state of Nevada, USA. I am wondering if anyone is growing Agarwood in the U.S.
    And if so, and if you think my climate is suitable, where would I find seedlings. Thank You

  8. brufycd says:


    May I know where are you located?

    I am from Brunei and looking forward to start an Gaharu plantation.

    Do you think Brunei is suitable for this plantation?

    I read about problem of too much water would kill it, is it true?

    Thank you.

  9. tarik dualeh says:

    I wanted to grow one for my family house in northern Somalia. Sandy soil and always about 30 degrees I know you said it is not demanding. Just wanted to know how long would it take to actually have the resin and and how can i obtain a seed

    thank you

  10. mesake masi says:

    where can i buy seeds from?

  11. Mian Azeem says:

    Dear sir,

    I am from Pakistan Punjab district. would you please update me about agarwood that my Punjab is suitable for the cultivation of this agarwood. we have 4 kinds of weather.


    • tshinkou says:

      cold weather is not favorable to agarwood planting, basically not recommended to do so..

      • War War Myint says:

        I’m from Myanmar, near Yangon City.
        between 30°c – 40°c n we have
        3 seasons. Now, I would like to know that do you think it is suitable for grow Gaharu plantation.
        I have 5 acres of the slope land.
        If so,
        How many seedling can be
        plant /acres?
        When it can be produce agaroil from the tree’ life?
        How much it can be cost/a tree from seedling to ready?
        How can u help me about gaharu plantation?
        Where can i get the knowledge very closely from?

      • tshinkou says:

        Hi… try to get advices from someone within your vicinity, it is beyond my capability to advise you oversea. Because i am not familiar with your climate.

  12. Md. Maruf Hasan says:


    I am from Northern Region of Bangladesh. Could you please let me know whether Agarwood Plant can grow here?


    • tshinkou says:

      Yes…. Many trees available in Assam,India.Geographically should be ok.

    • Hello Mr.Maruf,

      We could help you with procurement of quality Agarwood saplings, which can grow well in North Bangladesh region.
      PLEASE CALL US, CELL:+91-9869049987.

  13. Maruf says:

    Thanks for your reply. Please note that where I am planning ng for the plantation is not Hilly area. Will it be okay?

  14. Tariq says:

    This is very informative website. i belong to Punjab Pakistan. i want to grow Agar wood Tree in my land. Please advise me ? is it possible to grow it in my area. i shall be thankful .

  15. Lucky says:

    Hai. What is the recommended distance between rows and plants
    Thank you in advance
    Lucky from Sri Lanka

  16. Ernest yevu says:

    I leave in Africa I will be interested in gaharu plantation, how can I get the seeds

  17. Shivom says:

    Why Govt. is not encouraging such valuable product in Assam, India.There are enough hilly land

  18. Sachin Chandrakant Jagtap says:

    This Sachin from India. Can I grow agarwood tree in here .any climate is suitable for this plant or any specific climate plz let me know .plz revert


  19. Ranvir singh says:

    Please detail about agar tree plantations
    Iam interested in your plantation scheme

  20. Abasaheb Deshmukh says:

    Can I do Agarwood Plantation in Maharastra ?

  21. santosh giri says:

    Sir can its grow in maharstra marthwada region and some one allredy cultivated pls give address

  22. manvendra says:

    Is the tree suitable for land which is covered with river water for 4-5 months?

  23. Siraj says:

    I am interested in agarwood cultivat my farmland..please send details rates nd how much Vareity in agarwood..

    • tshinkou says:

      service available only in malaysia..

    • We are working on different types of Innoculation systems as well as developing technology to assess proper development and valuation of Agarwood before harvesting. This path breaking work will insure maximum profits by first evaluating the quantity and quality of Agar each tree can deliver before being harvested.
      Reach us o +91-7977127526, for more information and services .

  24. KALUNGI Paul says:

    I am in Africa (Uganda) which lies in tropical climat ,can aquailia crassna growing be done?

  25. Manny Cuizon says:

    Good day,
    Kindly email me more info regarding planting agarwood trees.
    Thanks and more power

  26. U Tin Htut says:

    Thank u for giving knowledges.

  27. A. Noor. says:

    Kindly guide me about the techniques, Material & Methods for Protection of Agarwood Nursery Plants kept in Shade Net which are drying due to Hot summer season. I will be highly thankful for this kind help

  28. Justin Walker says:

    Let me first say I love this site.. my question is can I grow Agarwood in California?

  29. valentino varela says:

    Hi I am Valentino from Timor-Leste formerly known as East Timor. Would it be possible to grow agar plantation in Timor-Leste? If so where could I obtain the seeds from?


  30. Brandon Chow says:

    Hi i am from TRINIDAD in the WEST INDIES . Would it be possible to grow Aardwood here. thanks

  31. Dear sir, Bula ” hi I am iowane Mainanukuloa from Fiji island . here in Fiji you can plant almost any species of tree you want to plant .
    Very fare tropical climate .
    First I want to thank you for this great information and your site .
    I only have 3 question very important to me .

    (1) what species of Aquilaria trees is the best species that can produce , fast and quality Agarwood. ,?.

    (2) Can I plant Aquilaria trees for the purpose of medium and long term Host plant to Sandalwood ?.
    (3)if can please advise , what is the best and proper distance between 1 sandalwood tree to another S/wood tree that can give enough space to both Agarwood and a sandalwood tree ?. Say sandalwood will goes only up to 16 years when good to harvest
    And Agarwood will be ready maybe from 6 to 10 and above years.
    Waiting your earliest reply

    Thank you

    • tshinkou says:

      1. No fast and good quality ….. that is fancy story in the net. Good quality ones is from natural forest which is going to extinct very soon, the plantation agarwood came in later in order to be sustainable, however human is looking for fast harvest and good quality…. as of now…. plantation agarwood can not compare with natural wood.

      2.No idea about sandalwood …..

  32. Prakash Meoliya says:

    sir i am Prakash Meoliya from nagpur distict India. can i grow agar plant?
    what is procedure for plantation from seed and where it to be find in market??
    Is market available for agarwood in india?
    how much days sufficient of water we supply to it?
    can i grow plantation from seeds easily?
    Please reply on or whatsapp on +91-9595709083

  33. Usman says:

    Hi sir,
    This site is very informativ. I am from punjab pakistan. I am intrested growing agrwood plantition here in punjab. Please read the punjab climate ..

    Punjab’s region temperature ranges from −2° to 45 °C, but can reach 50 °C (122 °F) in summer and can touch down to −10 °C in winter.

    Climatically, Punjab has three major seasons:[51]

    Hot weather (April to June) when temperature rises as high as 110 °F.
    Rainy season (July to September). Average rainfall annual ranges between 96 cm sub-mountain region and 46 cm in the plains.
    Cooler/ Foggy / mild weather (October to March). Temperature goes down as low as 40 °F.
    Is it possible agarwood tree growing in punjab and any area of pakistan??

  34. Kalai Mani says:

    Good to see all the articles posted by you…..informative

  35. Kalai Mani says:

    Im having planatation in india aged 7years planted on 2010
    how can i germinate agarwood seeds at myfarm

  36. Dhruv Kapoor says:

    Thanks for the information, is it suitable for growing in Gujarat, India? Here temperature is generally 20-45°c around the year. Generally pH is 9 at my farm, basically I am in love with this tree and I am ready to grow this tree at any condition here in Gujarat, I can take any preventive measure or any other thing to grow this beautiful tree at my farm, what should I do?

  37. Firos bin Sidhik says:

    Sir, what about the weather conditions in Middle East for cultivation of Agarwood ( Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman)please give me an advise about this ..
    Can Agarwood grow and will get results ??

    • tshinkou says:

      if you are located latitudinally NOT higher than Bhutan, there is a great chance agarwood will grow… other factors are NOT taken into consideration such as soil texture and bla bla….

  38. Ammar says:

    Hi sir I want to know how to plant gaharu seeds in bed( +255659733336) my whatssup number

  39. Dhruv Kapoor says:

    Respected sir,
    Does climatic conditions really matters during inoculation in producing of agar in Agarwood?

  40. Dhruv Kapoor says:

    Does too much of high temperature 45-50 in summer effects the generation of agar in Agarwood tree?because where I am growing the plants , we are artificially managing the temperature at 35-37 at initial stages , we are growing other shade giving plants in the middle of agarwood plants and also we will sprinkle the water as it is done on the grass using fountain method, please guide me

  41. Dhruv Kapoor says:

    does high temperature (45-50) reduces the generation of oudh in trees after inoculation? & Is the efficiency and quality effected because of high temperature?. Please also guide us how to maintain the low temperature at the time of agarwood plantation.

  42. Samuel says:

    Hello all we are running a medicinal and herbal plants nursery in Kerala india and have most of the varities and few rare plants as well…Agar Or Oudh nursery plants available with us pls Whatsapp at 9847237678 for price and other plants details. Thanks

  43. BILAL says:

    hi i live in kashmir northern part of india we have snow in winters and rain also can we grow agar tree in this type of climate

  44. Mubarakali says:

    Hi Mr.Tshinkou,
    I am Mubarak from Southern part of India , my place situating on the Western Ghats with altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 m.
    I would like make a plantation in my District..can i grow in this type of climate, i am expecting your valuable advice.

  45. Tack says:

    Hi Mr.
    What does CIRP mean? I really don’t understand. Thank you.

  46. samuel jamir says:

    hi Sir,
    Nice article on planting method of agartree. I am from north-easter region of India. I too am interested in planting around 1000 tree at my farm but was curious if i can inter-plant it with areca plant(betel nut tree).If its possible what would be the desirable distance to plant between agar tree & areca tree.
    Please guide & provide me with your input.
    With regards


    I wants to know about artificial inoculation . If you have these inoculation please tell me details.

  48. Hemanshu says:

    I want to grow a agarwood in my farm . So give me some instruction for agarwood,

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