Artificial inoculation


Artificial inoculation technique already been developed and is found to be most effective and reliable method for enhancement of agar production. Works on commercialization are in progress and expected to make available for general use in the field.

Mechanically wounded with nails.

Tree drilling and chemical injection.DSC_4217-Edits800

This effort involves drilling of trees and keeping the wound open by placing a small piece of plastic pipe in those holes followed by a chemical injection to stimulate tree defense mechanism that produces resin. The first project of this effort was initiated in Vietnam under a supervision from Prof. Robert Blanchette, a wood pathologist from the University of Minnesota who together with local farmers and Buddhist monks. They developed experimental plots to stimulate the production of agarwood and after years of trials, this treatment yielded agarwood. Dr. Blanchette stated that this artificial induction could yield agarwood ten times faster than natural formation (WWW page: This finding has gained appreciation and has been considered as one of the most successful finding (Persoon, 2007). This treatment causes tree to respond in two defense mechanisms, physical and chemical. The first is phloem cells form callus and the second, should callus formation is prevented, the tree produces resin.

Insert with inoculant-soaked bamboo stick to stress tree, Thailand

Tree drilling and inoculation of fungal inoculum6158739645_8725dbb2b6_b

The formation of agarwood is a result of plant defense mechanism towards fungal attacks by producing resinous compounds as secondary metabolite. In their natural habitat, the process of resin accumulation as the result of tree-pathogen battle may take many years and the longer the process takes place the more expensive and highly valuable the resin is. Many scientists have been passionately trying to understand the cascade process of this tree-fungi interaction in producing gaharu. Isolation of various fungi from infected trees have been widely reported.

ICU method — Single unit, 300ml inoculant per tree,  by PENGHARUM.

ICU method — Multiple units, by Gaharu Biotech,Pahang.



117 Responses to Artificial inoculation

  1. Ranjit Timung says:

    Wow .pls write about the details process and chemical use

  2. Jeffery Allen Racule says:

    I am from Fiji and have planted arga for the 1st time, please need your advise on the process

  3. Dr. Md. Daulat Hussain says:

    Pl. give us the address of fungal inoculam SELLERS for inoculation of agar trees. Many agar tree growers will be benefited. Large number of agar tree farmers interested to buy FUNGAL INOCULAM FOR AGAR TREE inoculation..

  4. Khandaker Imran Hossain Topu says:

    Dear sir, I have a very small project of agar woods in Bangladesh for last 16 years which we planted. Now it’s taller like 3.5/ 4 meters almost & I am sure it is perfect time to inject fungal inoculam. Please give me the address of fungal inoculam SELLERS for inoculation of agar trees.

  5. Karma Bhutan says:

    I have 40-50 agarwood trees of age 25-30years…from were can i buy the fungal inoculation. Kindly help me please.
    Thank you.


    Sir, I am from ASSAM , India,Pl. give me a the address of fungal inoculam SELLERS for inoculation of agar trees.I want to buy its.

  7. Camillus Midire says:

    Pls send me details of your innoculation process.

  8. PARAMA GOGOI says:

    Sir,Once I mail you, regarding Agar-wood inoculation ; Plz tell me the saler of inoculation.


  9. tshinkou says:

    Whatsapp me @ 00 – 6 – 012-323 1161

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