Germinate gaharu seeds


General points ..


Naturally .. fruit splits


Fresh seed collected …


Seeds collection …


You may skip this process … but if you are lucky enough, the outcome is fatal in which the entire lot may be disease infected.


Importance of seeds treatment


Germinate the seed with sharp tail pointing upwards .. Use peatmoss as germination medium is the best

Day 9th ….. Seed start to crack …taproot start to emerge..

Day 9th ….. Seed start to crack …taproot start to emerge..


Day 9th .. Some grow faster .. Taproot emerges downwards 2.5cm ..


Day 12~18th .. Start to sprout above growing medium..


Day 12~19th .. Start to sprout above growing medium..


Day 12~19th .. Start to sprout above growing medium..


Day 20~26th .. Seedlings growing..


Day 20~26th .. Larger germination pot is suggested, the taproot is finding its way out of the confined pot, which is about 35cc in volume..

Transplant from germination pot to polybag has been reported to cause root damage inevitably, due to its root penetration as shown, therefore “Nursery bag” is highly recommended to avoid such kind of problem.


Day 20~26th .. Use of non-woven nursery bag instead of germination tray is recommended..

Seeds collecting season is expected from month of June to August, for the sake of hobby, seeds of Aquilaria Sinensis are available at USD25/30seeds inclusive 30 nursery bags and international shipment. Nothing less or more…. only 30 seeds per transaction. Trading of Agarwood is under CITES regulations. No CITES documentations will be provided, seller helds no responsibility if the parcel is retained by the authority in importing country. WhatsApp me if you are interested…


WhatsApp  : Tee … 00-6-012-323-1161 (Malaysia)



7 Responses to Germinate gaharu seeds

  1. M.P.Ranjith says:

    I wants to buy agarwood seeds Give me details.

  2. Edwin Ng says:

    why most of the seeds i plant grow fungus n cannot grow eventually turn watery n died.

  3. tshinkou says:

    can be minimised …. by soaking into fungicide prior to planting…… or the seeds are NOT the fresh ones. … which could be caused by many factors, from the seeds collector to delivery.

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